The Story

Behind the Book Series
Christine and Richard

An animal lover, Richard Beck, rescued cats, dogs, birds and all creatures large and small, throughout his lifetime. His life was cut short due to cancer. Richard left behind 17 cats requesting Christine carry on caring for them as they were his family. To support the kittens and the cats, Christine came up with concept of writing stories about the individual cats around photographs she has taken of their antics. To complete the project she sought the assistance of author, Marilyn J Bakker. All proceeds from the sale of the books will assist in the care of the cats so that they can be continue to be provided with a healthy environment, and excellent veterinary care from the Swanson Vet Clinic, Henderson, Auckland when required.

About the Series

Christine was inspired to capture the antics of the cats on camera. This in turn, encouraged her to develop stories around the photographs, which reflected the individual and quirky character of each cat.

The Rescued Cats’ Adventures Series (eighteen titles) is based around the individual personalities of cats/kittens living at the Rescued Cats’ Centre. Each book can lead to discussion of the proper care of animals in a humorous and enjoyable way.

Stories are presented from the cats’ point of view. This provides opportunities for open discussion about underlying topics such as fear of the dark, what is a family, stranger danger, the importance of listening, bullying, building confidence as well as such topics relating to the natural world and ecology such as making honey, the monarch butterfly life cycle and growing vegetables.

Revision of language skills include repetition of basic words, rhyming patterns, alliteration, opposites and speech marks. Children 2-7 years of age, will enjoy having these books read to them or reading by themselves, as skills permit. Teaching notes are available for each of the titles and can be located in the bookstore.

Who is behind the book series?

Christine Johnston

Christine Johnston


Christine is an enthusiastic hobby photographer. She comes from a background of business management and her current focus is to ensure the cats’ health and well being are secured on an ongoing basis.
Marilyn Bakker

Marilyn Bakker


Marilyn J Bakker is a writer and small business owner, who began her working life as a primary school teacher. Previous publications include two New Zealand-based, adventure, chapter books for young teens, Danger at Devil’s Cove and The Mystery of the Missing Artefact. Marilyn is currently working on the third book, In Search of the Tarasque, to complete The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell trilogy as well as the Rescued Cats Adventure series. Email: